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Lawrence Coley (aka Dee Coley) started his musical career as one of the lead singers of the highly-acclaimed, New York City vocal group, "Ace Spectrum" on Atlantic records. His rendition of the title single from the album, “Just Like In The Movies” remains a classic, soul ballad today. He is also a songwriter, composer and producer. To mention just some of his works, he is a co-author of the song "Love On The Rise" performed by Kenny G (feat. Kashif), and the author and producer of many tracks (included "Crawl To Me) of the album "Kemistry", performed by Mack Dawg Artist "Kemi", etc.

In the course of the years he recruited an eclectic artist roster exclusively for Mack Dawg: Black Angel, Brett Gay, Kemi, just to mention same.

Lawrence Coley has been appreciated in the music industry for many years and he and Mack Dawg Entertainment are a benchmark for young and emerging artists.

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